Anaheim Ducks, Why?

Chrissy Teigen is beloved, for many reasons.  She’s a bombshell swimsuit model, whose unashamed of her eating habits or triple-chins.  She is constantly redefining what it means to be a model, and has proven to be incredibly self-aware.  To top if off, she's married to the equally lovable John Legend, and genuinely hysterical:


This isn’t to disregard the rest of her work, but Chrissy Teigen has become so good at Twitter that part of her fame now derives from being a master-‘tweeter’.  The Anaheim Ducks however proved they still have something to learn.

Remember when Ryan Getzlaf gave the worst non-apology for a homophobic slur he yelled, and the organization didn’t bother to correct him?  Or when the Duck’s Social Media Team posted a video of Ryan Kesler strolling nude through the office, past two female ‘coworkers’, at the height of the #metoo movement?  The organization has repeatedly shown a lack of sound judgement in their public relations department -- it happened again.

On June 6th, Ryan Miller tweeted in response to a Teigen Tweet:  she joked about how easy NHL goaltending is, he joked about how easy modeling is.  It seemed like a classic tit-for-tat move. Most importantly, Miller’s tweets were innocuous; no problem.  No matter how hard the joke fell flat, it was still, seemingly, just a joke.

Enter Ducks stooges:

It was all a joke, until the Ducks took it seriously.  The logic of the move is questionable at best, were 'we' trying to engage in a Twitter-beef with Teigen (the queen of Twitter)?  The response of the Ducks Social Media Team is telling -- hockey fans in Orange County are insecure.  The NHL is already the fourth-tier of major sports, and the Ducks are at the bottom of the pack as far as team popularity is concerned.

To make things worse, Teigen's response was crushing:

In a desperate plea for attention and validation, the franchise’s social media team tried to act tough.  

Wrong move. As grotesque as this is to say, take note from the King’s, who replied to a joke with a joke (shocking):


Orange County sports has it hard enough as is.  We’re the awkward step child to any Los Angeles franchise; even when we’re winning we feel a slight sense of insecurity.  Between the beach, the bars, the surplus of entertainment, or the traffic, we struggle to get fans to games. Added to that, people are no longer relegated to only watching the games of their home team -- if I wanted to be a Florida Panthers fan (yuck) I could just stream all their games on Reddit, or purchase the NHL package on TV.

I love this franchise in an unhealthy way.  I dedicate more brain-space and emotion to a sport, and a team, in which I have no real connection to than is recommended.  I was born in 1995, the Ducks are all I’ve ever known to love. But please, you’re embarrassing me. You’re mistakes are beginning to happen with regularity, and it appears the Ducks Organization lacks the self-awareness to correct the issue.

Let’s get something right for once, Ducks Social Media Team.  Let’s give people a reason to like us, not another reason to write us off.